beaujolais: oh dear…


I recently made a few Beaujolais suggestions here. It appears from the ‘complaint’ below, that rather than recover their position and take a forward-looking view, they would rather wither and die…

Jean-Paul Brun’s Beautiful 2007 Beaujolais l’Ancienne Denied the AOC Beaujolais! Can you imagine the stupidity!

“Jean-Paul Brun just learned that 5,222 cases of Beaujolais l’ Ancienne 2007 have been deemed as being atypical by the French wine police. I’ve enjoyed a bunch of these bottles. They are fruity and elegant and a true pleasure to drink. So what’s wrong?

They were not made with the miserable thermo vinification technique that Georges Duboeuf and the Beaujolais Establishment has decided is typical. The wine was not made with enzymes and cultured years but comes only from what the earth and the vine brought into the bottle. It was not made at high yields or high chaptalization, but is a real and natural wine.”

Note for balance that I’ve never tasted the wine concerned, it’s not confirmed exactly WHY the wine was denied AOC, the ‘targets’ are easy ones, and the story is from an importer who has a financial interest, but that said, this still sounds rather bad. Full story here.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

There are 2 responses to “beaujolais: oh dear…”

  1. Félicien Breton7th May 2008 at 11:57 amPermalinkReply

    I have not taste the wine (but I should). As you know ‘typical’ is indeed what the neighbours do. L’Ancienne is often packed with jammy, natural, ‘pâte de fruit’ flavours. It has no innoculated yeasts, no chaptalization. So yes it does not comply to the current manner.
    It is up to the ‘syndicat’ to decide to change. Many ‘syndicats’ cling to what they know (which fails).
    I relish your point :o)

  2. Smokey Westerfeld25th May 2008 at 4:49 pmPermalinkReply

    This sounds like the ultimate consumer protection program. Thank heaven for the wisdom of those in power.
    Now, where might one be able to purchase such declassified swill?
    Caveat emptor.

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