tetra packed wine consumption +37% in russia (2007)


“Wine production in Tetra Pak’s aseptic carton package in Russia increased by 37% in 2007 as compared to the production in 2006. In absolute terms the volume of wine in Tetra Pak packages reached 138 million liters in 2007.

Growing consumption volume and market diversification were considered as factors for the rise in the production. Premium wine segment in carton is growing at high rate, while 1 liter Tetra Prisma Aseptic 1000 Square package indicated a sales growth of 200% in 2007.

Companies which include Uniway Management, Eugenne Bougelais Wine, and Bodegas Vinos started producing wine in carton packages in 2007. Some distribution chains currently produce their own “private label” table wine. Russian-made wine in cartons continues to displace the imported one.

In 2007, imports of wine in cartons decreased by 17%, while domestic production showed a 37% growth. According to Tetra Pak, an active market growth will continue in 2008. According to Tetra Pak’s manager S. Chaplin, further market development of wine in carton shall be accompanied by creation of an efficient distribution network and strong brands.”

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