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remi jeanniard

I spotted this on a usual merchant’s list for 29 francs – most ‘name’ villages wines cost 40+ francs, so naturally I was hoping for good things despite not knowing the name:
2005 Remi Jeanniard, Morey St.Denis Vieilles Vignestry to find this wine...
Medium, medium-plus colour. The nose is high-toned and a little alcoholic with a suggestion of a red-fruit core. Smooth entry, quite well concentrated and balanced – also in the mid-palate. I was ready to love this wine – particularly for the more than interesting tariff – but the smooth tannins have a strongly bitter finish to them that’s like charcoal. I assume it’s barrel derived but there are no other oak artifacts – strange and a shame as the rest of the wine is nice. I found it hard to drink, even on day 2 it was not much better – except with overcooked pizza!
Rebuy – No
So, no tale of a new name that smashes the value barrier – that said, the concentration is not bad and there’s quite some dissolved carbon dioxide so made in reductive, quality oriented way – but that bitterness is too much – I’ll lookout for some other vintages though it seems there are a number of Jeanniards (2 weeks ago I didn’t know of any) as I find this on a UK merchant’s website for an Alain Jeanniard:

“Between his father’s death in 1978 and his picking up the reins of the family Domaine in 2000, Alain Jeanniard earned his living in the electronics industry. Then he decided to return to his roots. First, he put himself through a wine and vineyard baccalauréat in Beaune. On completing, he was immediately recruited by the Hospices de Beaune to look after their two greatest Grand Cru vineyards on the Côte de Nuits: Mazis-Chambertin and Clos de la Roche. His own estate is less glamorous, but the vines give absolutely superb fruit. He is a carefully focussed, sensitive wine-maker, with enormous talent. Two years ago, we were the first company to introduce his wines to the U.K. Burgundy enthusiasts pounced on them, for they are superb quality and value.”

I’ll ask some locals what they know!

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Philip4th April 2008 at 6:55 pmPermalinkReply

    That’s a quote from the merchant I’ve been buying burgundy from for 25 years – Haynes Hanson & Clark, Hanson being Anthony Hanson MW, author of Burgundy (first edition 1982, 2nd edition 1995 or so, one of the very few genuinely excellent books on burgundy) and still helping the firm on the buying side. I bought Alain Jeanniard’s Gevrey villages in 2002 (still tight, dark fruit, leather, a few months ago – impressive for a villages), and his simply stunning Bourgogne pinot noir 2006 (£98/dozen in bond London – value!). I spoke to M. Jeanniard at HH&C’s London tasting in January. Following a smiling reprimand for infanticide on his Gevrey, he turned out to be an extremely thoughtful wine maker -one to watch.

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