ghislaine barthod 2001 and 2002 bourgognes

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ghislaine barthod bourgogne rouge pinot noir

Clearly the 2005 bourgognes have spoiled us – intermediate age wines like these wither in the shadow of those 05’s – but like the recent Côte de Chalonaise, these really need to be judged in about another 3-5+ years time when they have started to show some more maturity.
2001 Ghislaine Barthod, Bourgognetry to find this wine...
Medium colour. A soft red fruit nose with a faint cedar top note, slowly develops more density to the red core and eventually a little redcurrant. Well textured with plenty of forward fruit and again a faint edge of cedar – but at this level it’s additive – I do though find the overall profile slightly jammy. A simple but balanced and quite tasty luncheon bourgogne that never quite gets the pulse increasing.
Rebuy – Maybe
2002 Ghislaine Barthod, Bourgognetry to find this wine...
Just a little darker in colour. The nose goes darker and deeper; a hint riper and no cedar but clearly a few diffuse alcoholic overtones. In the mouth it’s fuller with an edge more tannin and acidity that is slightly tart – it’s not a problem, just it’s personality. On the back of the acidity is a little burst of intensity on the mid-palate before fading into the finish. Less smooth than the 2001 but more material. I look forward to making another comparison in a few years.
Rebuy – Maybe

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  1. Richard Brooks26th April 2008 at 2:07 pmPermalinkReply

    I made exactly the same comparison of these two side by side about nine months ago, and came to almost exactly the same conclusions. At that time you could buy both through the Wine Society for just over a tenner, but neither is available now. However, you can get the Beaux Bruns 01 & 02, so I’m tempted to try those together (although that would be baby killing…).

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