a 2005 monthelie with a too complicated name

Update 17.12.2008(11.4.2008)billn

2005 Eric de Suremain Château de Monthelie, Monthelie 1er Sur La Velletry to find this wine...
Surprisingly deep colour. While far from profound, the nose has a raw, fruity depth and interesting width. The palate is bathed in well-textured ripe tannin, some brown-sugar sweetness and shows a dark edge to the fruit. Understated acidity and an understated finish too – at least to start – the finish becomes ever-more interesting. It’s well-priced and well-tasty, but today it doesn’t make me dream of burgundy…
Rebuy – Maybe
PS – How do you know what to call it? – Is it Château de Monthelie or is it Eric de Suremain? Tsk, Tsk…

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  1. Sam Goth12th April 2008 at 3:06 amPermalink

    Do you think these 05’s reds are shutting down? I’ve had a couple btls of the Mongeard-Mugneret bourgogne a couple months back and was surprised at how tight they were. I think a couple years sleep should round them out, but I worry about their the fake corks so I doubt I’ll hold them longer than that.

    Thought I’d also pop in with a comment about the only Eric Suremain wine I’ve had, a Clos l’Eveque (sorry, haven’t set up the accent marks) from 1992 (!). Drunk in 2000, it was light red (no browning), nicely perfumed, exceptionally well balanced and tasty. Nothing green or watery in the aroma or on the palate, this was a perfect petit Burgundy.

    Sometimes the little guys (&their terriors) get it right!

  2. bill nanson15th April 2008 at 6:18 amPermalink

    Hi Sam,
    I know many that are, but not this one – it’s very tasty – it’s certainly a good wine, it just didn’t have me searching for the invoice to buy more! That said, it sounds from your input that they can age very nicely…

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