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  1. Donald24th April 2008 at 3:15 pmPermalinkReply

    A friend and I are taking a trip to France at the end of May (May 22 – June 2 2008).

    We thought it would be as much fun visiting the wine area in Romanee for a few days as it would be spending an extra day or two in Paris, Bordeaux, or the Loire Valley.
    (By that statement, I am sure that you can tell that we love not only wine, but everything that goes into it such as the people, the geography, the history, and so much more.)

    We are not wealthy, do not have an extensive knowledge of wine … YET! …, but we have managed to save enough over the last few years to take the trip to France. We are just as excited about the opportunity of roaming about the hills in the DRC area with a picnic lunch as visiting the Louvre and having dinner at a local Bistro.

    So, in this effort, we were wondering if there were any way that you folks might have any information that would enable us to contact the folks at DRC. It would be so nice to have the opportunity to possibly take a guided tour of their facilities, or at least be given the opportunity of a self guided tour of their Winery and vineyard.

    I know that we do not stand much of a chance, as the DRC creates some of the best and most expensive wines in all of the world, and without any clout (in name or title)… other than our love of wine, we may find ourselves at odds for this. Although we could probably not afford to purchase their wine, … the opportunity of a lifetime (with respect to our growing love of wine), would be to see the DRC while in France, and experience the people and place that makes such a world class wine and share that experience with our friends and families.

    Any information or help that you could supply would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much for any help you might offer.

    Donald & Carol

  2. bill nanson25th April 2008 at 7:10 amPermalinkReply

    Dear Donald,
    I would suggest getting in contact directly with the domaine – write a nice letter as above and fax it to them – they can only say no, but who knows…!
    Appended are the contact details from the French ‘yellow pages’.
    Cheers, Bill

    domaine de la romanee conti address contact details

  3. Wild Biill28th April 2008 at 12:02 amPermalinkReply


    From everything read so far, this must include the old experimental blocs at Carneros Creek. I could relate many antidotes, about sinking into the mud, and cut fingers,…but Faye threatened to walk-out, not telling when she might be back. We’re only out of mustard and Portabellos

  4. Me10th September 2008 at 5:17 pmPermalinkReply

    Next time…

    If you can’t get a visit at DRC, try Domaine de P. et A. de Villaine (their personal residence/other winery).

    Domaine de Villaine
    71150 Bouzeron

    Also, a visit to Hospices de Beaune, some 20 Km away.

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