It seems like not much is happening – and you could be right.

I’m currently travelling in Holland, though on Friday I have some visits in the Côte d’Or and I expect my lingering cold will by then be forgotten. I tried to make a visit at one relatively well-known producer and was for the first time in about 12 years of making appointments, rebuffed – “he says he’s too busy said his wife” – that was at the point of the the third possible date. I don’t yet feel like ‘naming and shaming’.

Of-course some other things happen – I updated the NoteFinder, now to just under 1,750 notes. Also, buying opportunities often (too often!) present themselves; last week I received an offer that contained 6x Clos Frantin 2001 Vosne 1er Malconsorts. I’ve tasted that wine, and it’s a good one – for 36 Swiss francs each, I bought the lot. That’s a lot of value when set in the context of 2005 pricing…! There was also some 2000 vintage but I didn’t have the cash for both. Maybe they are still left next month!
Ciao for now…

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