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Update 23.8.2007(16.8.2007)billn

weatherThis year is a ‘revolution’ in Burgundy – there are no ‘bans des vendanges’ – rather it is expected that everyone can be (act) ‘responsible’! The only decree was that the harvesting shouldn’t start before the 13th August, August 1st was initially suggested before reverting to the 13th – revolutions come hard!

Despite the weather maps showing clear for the next days, and in spite of daily weather reports looking almost good, the storms keep coming through. Wednesday (lastnight) had another heavy downpour for much of the Côte d’Or. It seems many still plan to start their harvest during the last days of August, others are scheduling September. Here’s one quote

“As we have a very bad summer (lots of rain), we are going to pick around 3-4 of September, I prefer that to be honest! Rot begins to be important now, it looks like a difficult vintage, but I like that !! 05 was too easy …”

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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