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Update 3.7.2007(2.7.2007)billn

shanghain to nanjing trainToday is work – meetings followed by a train-ride from Shanghai to Nanjing for customer meetings.

The train is some super-duper new 250km/hr (155 miles per hour) model that has reduced the previous 3½ hour journey to 2½. I didn’t quite get time to take a picture of the sleek engine, but for my train ‘enthusiast’ friends here is one I whipped from ‘the net’ and I will try to add an obviously more professional one tomorrow when I make the return journey.
For those interested in the ping-pong news, match 1 was won, and because match 2 was more closely won against the local club ‘coach’, they brought the local professional to the table – in my defence I can say I didn’t at any stage get on my knees and beg, but justice was swift: 7-11, 7-11, 7-11…

He did invite me back to play again – but that was probably just so he could have another easy win !

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