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This is another very nice 2005 bourgogne – though an expensive one – at this price I would question the value when great Savigny 1ers (for example) cost only 1 euro more. That said if you find good regionals for less than €12 you should buy deeply. But how do these 2005’s stack upto the impressive regionals from 2003? I may be no great fan of the vintage, but the bourgognes remain exceptional; I opened a Chanson 03 which is a decent example of the genre (though desperately simple compared to the Camille Giroud 2003) and it ‘wowed’ the crowds when compared to this Roulot which was a little austere by comparison. Just one more angle…
2005 Domaine Roulot, Bourgogne Rougetry to find this wine...
Another 05 bourgogne that’s deeply coloured and quite purple. Close your eyes and the first sniffs could convince you that it’s white wine in your glass – lightly toasted bread and well mannered oak of some depth – you have to concentrate to spot the background black cherry. The palate is fresh, showing plenty of mouth-watering acidity, some astringent tannin and good length with a faint edge of bitterness. Lots of personality again and again recommended, but at €16.50 it certainly doesn’t show the value of the Lignier-Michelot – or if your prepared to wait, the Arlaud.
Rebuy – Yes

Of the three 2005 bourgognes of the last nights, I would place the fun and interesting Lignier-Michelot in first place, followed by the much more sophisticated Arlaud which is demoted because of it’s not very great aromatics – at least on day – I would still probably spend my money elsewhere. Last place goes to the (still very good) Roulot simply because it’s so expensive, but on the plus side, it also shows character.

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