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carré courbinAlthough Pierre Meurgey of Champy had previously told Allen Meadows that he had signed a contract to farm the appellations formerly exploited by Domaine Carré-Courbin, it is only just now officially announced via the BIVB that Maison Champy has taken over half of the ~10 hectare Beaune-based Carré-Courbin domain.

Carré-Courbin vines that are on the move cover ~5 hectares in the appellations of Volnay and Pommard, in particular; Volnay Taillepied, Pommard Grands Epenots plus villages Volnay and Pommard that will boost Champy’s existing production from those villages. The Champy domain now covers 17 hectares.

The BIVB also today announced the new appellation of Bourgogne Tonnerre:

This is the latest addition to the Burgundy family. On 17 July 2006, the appellation decree giving birth to the AOC Bourgogne-Tonnerre was issued. Although vines have existed in this part of the region (north east of Auxerre) since ancient times, no distinction was made between the wines produced here and those from the rest of the Burgundy appellation production area. It is worth noting that this appellation is dedicated exclusively to white chardonnay wines.

The Bourgogne Tonnerre vineyards are located in the valley of the river Armançon. Vine-growing in this area developed particularly from the 9th century onward. The monks of the abbeys of Quincy (near Tanlay) and Saint-Michel (near Tonnerre) played a major role in the intensifcation and improvement of wine-growing. Its development was of course affected by the phylloxera crisis from 1870 to 1890. From 1987, the efforts of a few strong personnalities started to bring it back to life and the best slopes of Tonnerre, Epineuil, Molosmes, Junay and other villages were replanted with carefully selected typical Burgundy varietals.

Bourgogne Tonnerre chardonnay grows best on argilo-calcareous soil (with an upper Kimmeridgian layer). The Tonnerrois is a valleyed region and comparatively sheltered. The appellation covers particularly well-exposed slopes, facing south and southeast. A little over a hundred hectares are under vine, yielding about 6,000 hectolitres of wine. This wine is made from chardonnay grapes. It is a dry, fruity wine. Bourgogne Tonnerre has a fine, clear and characteristically pronounced golden colour A very fine and aromatic wine, it opens on hints of florals, exotic and white fruits, as well as citrus notes. It is frank, tender, as well as having a certain roundness, and bursts in the mouth with slight mineral notes. This wine is ideal with grilled andouillette. Or in a totally different register it is perfect with fish, shellfish, poultry in creamy sauces and white meats. And it will do full honour to Burgundy’s gastronomic specialities such as Burgundy snails and the entire range of regional cheeses, from cooked to unripened cheeses. It can be drunk young and fruity but reaches full maturity after four or five years.

For more information on Burgundy-Tonnerre:

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There are 5 responses to “bivb: new appellations plus champy grows”

  1. Phil18th June 2007 at 5:36 pmPermalinkReply

    Bill Great update on the Carre Courbin/Champy thing, have they kept the other wines I am interested in their Savigny 1er Peuillets blanc keep seeing good reviews but never a chance to buy a bottle or two ?


  2. bill nanson18th June 2007 at 5:46 pmPermalinkReply

    Without other info I’m assuming so Phil. I don’t know who might do the Savigny, but BB&R have quite some Volnay/Pommard – presumably via the Jasper Morris link as his old firm used to import. Four Walls have a few too – but rather cheaper…

  3. Ardythe Wildsmith19th March 2008 at 2:38 pmPermalinkReply

    Hello, I am a Nova Scotian, Canada, studying to be a Sommelier and doing a paper on women in the French Vineyards. I would like some Stats re all of France if possible re over the years how the number of women winemakers may have changed….hopefully increased or women owning vineyards…and women in the wine Schools Dijon and Beaune ….do you know where I could go to find these stats? an e-mail address or article etc Thank you Ardythe Wildsmith

  4. Jasper Morris4th June 2008 at 12:23 pmPermalinkReply

    Savigny Peuillets Blanc was a negociant cuvee not their own vineyards so has not gone anywhere.
    Champy got most of the reds except Volnay Clos de la cave des Ducs 1er cru which benjamin Leroux now has and Volnay Lurets which Dominique Lafon has – in both cases in their own names rather than Domaine du Comte Armand or Domaine des Comtes Lafon

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