time to open some 99’s

Update 12.4.2007(10.4.2007)billn

Yesterday I opened a 1999 (note to follow) after spying the un-opened six-pack in a corner of the cellar. The wine was lovely – particularly the aromatics – so much so that my eyes were drawn to 3 other un-opened six-packs… it didn’t take long for me to decide what ‘had to be done!’ The big copper staples on the packs of Mugnier’s Amoureuses, Jadot’s Bèze and Chézeaux’s Clos St.Denis were prized free and the bottles will be left to stand in the cellar for 3 days. Over the next few days I’ll put up the unatributed notes and later add the labels – see if you can spot which is which!
[Edit: I found a couple of others too!]

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