the greeny-red wines of 2004 – pt.2


I addressed this observation to all the winemakers I met last week and culled the following information:

  • Winemaker 1. “Yes I know exactly what you mean – it’s also there in some whites. We see this to a lower extent in many vintages, but I have to admit it’s on a much higher level since we bottled. I’m keeping my eye on it but fully expect it to fade – though for this vintage maybe not entirely – actually, there’s a good chance that this may give a very interesting component to those wines 5 years down the line.”
  • Winemaker 2. Him: “Really? No I’m not aware of that”, me: “Well it’s kind of like we are tasting right now…” Hmmm – change of subject…
  • Winemaker 3. Okay – to be fair this was a marketing guy: “Really! that’s very interesting, of course today we have much more control because we…”
  • Winemaker 4. ” Yes we’ve seen exactly what you describe, thing is, it’s in this cuvée and that cuvée, but not in the others. I checked the analysis and I don’t see any meaningful differences. Just now I’ve no explanation, but given that it came from nowhere I’m hoping it will just be a phase.”

So, no insight, in the main some acceptance and the interesting observation that it could also be in the whites – I haven’t seen this.

That’s all for now.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. Kent Comley23rd January 2007 at 1:15 amPermalinkReply

    I have only sampled a small cross section of 04 reds, perhaps 20 to 30 wines, and I have detected the “pot-pourri” greenish tinge in perhaps 2/3rd of the wines. I can only assume that it’s a function of ripeness. I have not seen these notes in any prior recent vintages – to me ’01 is riper – I am somewhat sceptical that the character will disappear over time. Although I have a fair bit of ’04s, so I’ll be watching the wines develop with interest.
    Best wishes,

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