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Update 25.1.2007(14.1.2007)billn

News on the Antonin Rodet website announces their acquisition of Maison Dufouleur Père & Fils including the addition of the large Nuits Monopole, the 1er Cru Clos de Thorey to the “Domaines Rodet family”:

The Mercurey-based Burgundy Wine group Antonin Rodet, founded in 1875, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sequana Capital, has announced the acquisition of Maison Dufouleur Père et Fils located in Nuits-Saint-Georges. The acquisition covers both the wine brokerage business and the 10.5-hectare Domaine Barbier estate. With a tradition of wine production and trading passed down from father to son over more than 400 years, Dufouleur Père et Fils, through its name, its experience and its constant quest for quality, is a very well-established name in the Burgundy wine industry.
Philippe Vidal, Chairman of Antonin Rodet, noted: “This strategic acquisition is a major development in the history of Antonin Rodet and marks our return to the leading group of Burgundy wine houses. The strong values shared by both houses will help drive their growth whilst respecting their individual strategies, and will also produce operational synergies.”

Xavier Dufouleur, who will continue to be involved in the commercial activities of Maison Dufouleur Père et Fils, added: “I am delighted to be joining the Rodet Group. This will open the way to expansion for our house that would not have been available to us on our own, particularly in export markets.”The Domaine Guy Dufouleur estate, which was not included in the scope of the acquisition, has signed a contract to supply the new Rodet-Dufouleur Group.

Le Clos de Thorey becomes a Domaine Rodet.

Le Clos de Thorey Monopole, a 3-hectare Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru estate, has joined the Domaines Antonin Rodet family. Other notable member estates include the 30-hectare Domaine du Château de Rully and the 48-hectare Domaine du Château de Mercey.In 2008, Antonin Rodet will start selling the 2006 vintage. Nadine Gublin, the House’s Cellar Master, was enthusiastic about Le Clos de Thorey: “This magnificent hillside land faces due east and is located in a perfectly ventilated area at the northern end of the Nuits-Saint-Georges region. This allowed us to produce a thoroughbred, refined wine with very pure fruit for the 2006 vintage.”

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