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Update 21.12.2006(20.12.2006)billn

boeing connexionThis is a rather cool thing – I’m heading back to europe and am writing (and publishing) this at 30,000 feet in a Lufthansa Airbus but with broadband connection by Boeing. Until the end of the year this mid-atlantic high-speed connection is totally free – then it will be discontinued; seems Lufthansa are not impressed:

Lufthansa deeply regrets Boeings intention to discontinue the Internet broadband service Connexion by Boeing (CBB). This will not have any immediate consequences on Lufthansa FlyNet users. Boeing has given assurances that it will continue the service until the end of the year. Lufthansa FlyNet is enjoying increasing popularity and has proved to be technically very reliable. The level of customer interest is indicated by figures of up to 40 users per flight on North Atlantic and Asian routes. Most recently, around 30,000 Internet users were active on board Lufthansa flights each month. Surveys have shown that 94 percent of the CBB customers plan to use the service again; 92 percent want to recommend it to others.

It’s a funny old world – and it works so well too…

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