christies change gear for the hospices de beaune


It seemed to me that in 2005 the selling ‘machine’ of Christies (at theit first attempt) did not really get into full gear for the sale of the 2005’s; prices were average and the wines should be excellent – perhaps Christies needed to get into the swing of things.

This year, for the 2006’s, the reds will (typically) be inferior to 2005 – note that I don’t say bad, just not as good – and the whites will simply be a different style, very good, but not necessarily ‘better’ than either 2004 or 2005. Despite this, the prices for the whites reached amazing heights vs the last two years and the reds were ‘in-line’ with the prices for 2005.

Two things to say: first, the pricing no longer (did it ever?) reflects the vintage quality – at least vis-a-vis other vintages – and second, let’s not get too concerned about it, because this is anyway a charity event. Clearly though, Christies were this year much more efficient at bringing private buyers to the table – perhaps this heralds a slow marginalisation of the négociants – at least as buyers – who knows(?) Perhaps not when I see that Maison Albert Bichot (alone) bought 104 barrels on behalf of themselves and long-standing clients.

Two reports follow; the first from the Decanter site here, and the more detailed and particularly recomended report from Jancis’ site here.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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