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oxidation hazard Two wines – both from Marc Morey. A 2001 that started very subdued and not so interesting, but ended up rather nice – however, I shall start with a worrying ‘turkey’:
2002 Marc Morey, Chassagne 1er Morgeottry to find this wine...
Medium-plus golden – certainly a worrying colour for one so young. The nose confirms quite a high level of oxidation. For me (with a significant dislike of oxidation) this was barely drinkable. If you have this wine check it now – urgently!
Rebuy – No

A much better wine (without doubt) follows, but given the above I wouldn’t buy any, even though (based on the bottle) I say “rebuy – yes“! In-fact I’ve had quite a bit of bad luck from this producer in the last 6 weeks – 3 chassagne 1ers; 1 red which was corked, one white which is prematurely oxidised and one last white (below) which was almost good – but I don’t like those odds!
2001 Marc Morey, Chassagne-Montrachet 1er En Virondottry to find this wine...
Medium gold. The nose starts rather muted before going through a citrusy-melon phase, slowly becoming more and more creamy and very faintly smelling of fireworks. The palate is quite soft and clean with good acidity and a nicely long finish. Slowly mouthwatering, this is a nice wine that really benefits from an hour of air.
Rebuy – Yes

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