guyon, vosne-romanée

Update 24.10.2006(14.10.2006)billn

2001 Domaine Guyon, Vosne-Romanéetry to find this wine...
Medium ruby-red. The nose starts with deep and spicy, even rubbery oaky elements, slowly there are high-toned red fruit and floral aspects and eventually more plummy fruit added to the mix, the last drops in the glass smell fantastic. There’s a real kick when you first taste this, a burst of concentration and mouthwatering acidity. Initially there’s lots of spicy and slightly guyon vosne romaneebitter oak in the finish too – this takes quite a while to improve – but only a little, taking on a more licorice style. For me there’s still far too much oak marking this wine and I’m sure it will never be fully absorbed – great for those that like this style, but I find it a shame that good underlying material is ‘coloured’ in this way. Rebuy – No

Not to be confused with the domaine Antonin Guyon, this small domaine is based in Vosne, the latest bottles have the label Michel et Jean-Pierre Guyon, but the design remains the same. They typically make concentrated wines and use a lot of toasty oak but the results can be variable; the 2002 Vosne and Echézeaux took up the oak pretty well, but as you can see, this 2001 less so.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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  1. guy maes15th October 2006 at 6:06 pmPermalinkReply

    Had good experience some weeks ago with the VR 98.
    One of the best 98-s. The oak has melted nicely in this wine.

    But I typically buy the Chorey les beaune. Very much a fun wine to drink young. Everyone seams to love this.

    And I like the white grand ordinaire. Currently drinking the 2004.

    Have 2003 Savigny Les Peuillets waiting. I’m curious what this will give. But the extracted style went well with the oak when tasted last year on a wine fair in Lille.

  2. bill nanson16th October 2006 at 6:50 amPermalinkReply

    Thanks Guy,
    I’ll keep a lookout for older bottles – my experience is (sofar) only with 2001-02.

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