Update 8.9.2006(15.8.2006)billn

matterhornJust back from 5 days without electronic communication – and no withdrawal symptoms either!

I think I managed to find just about the only part of Europe that had (a little) sunshine.

Thursday and Friday 1,000 metres up and 1,000 metres down, Saturday 800 metres up, Sunday 600 metres up and down.

Zermatt is very picturesque too, shame the main street is like a busy shopping arcade, but turn any corner and your in another world. Plus if there is blue sky, there’s always the Matterhorn to look at!

Because of the steady growth of the Burgundy-Report site, I’m working hard trying to get wordpress up and running as I feel that I need to better ‘manage’ the content – and hard work I’m finding it too! It’s great if you just want to use the default template, but (of-course) I don’t.

I’m quite happy with HTML, but this is another ballgame…

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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