NoteFinder – Launched

Update 6.9.2006(9.6.2006)billn

optionsFinally launched after a 2 years thinking and 3 months gestation. Hopefully no rough edges – if so let me know.
Here I can link all that peripheral information to a tasting note; Producer profile (if I’ve done one), the producer’s website (if they have one), appellation information for the wine (if I’ve done that) and finally a profile of the village – admittedly mainly an (additional) opportunity for work on my part.
I will upload notes to this on roughly a monthly basis, the ‘other wines tasted’ page in the Burgundy-Report issues will remain as this will be the only place to view all the most recent bottles in one place.

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

Burgundy Report

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