Why Big Red Diary?

j-n gagnard chassagne-montrachet 1er blanchot dessus 2008


I just had two of these and the first was disappointing versus the Caillerets – clearly that bottle had a problem. This is exactly how I remember them tasting in Chassagne.

2008 Jean-Noel Gagnard, Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Blanchot Dessus
Full, round and very complex aromas – never a classic wine of Chassagne to me – but super it its own way. Lush and rich yet with excellent acidity and energy. Surely some creamy barrel aspects but the layers of flavour are so compelling. Is there anything missing? Perhaps just a hint of Caillerets minerality; with that, it could have been the best 2008 I tasted at home this year.
Rebuy – Yes

louis jadot 2009 pommard

2009 Louis Jadot, Pommard
Some quite high tones, red fruit notes that are sweet and faintly alcoholic, but not overly so. In the mouth this is soft and understated, actually a bit too soft. The fruit is sweet enough and buffered with just a little tannin. Frankly I don’t have much engagement with this wine, though it seems friendly enough. As a Pommard it’s very simple and doesn’t seem a patch on the 2008.
Rebuy – No

ponsot 2008 griotte-chambertin

ponsot-2008-griotte-chambertin2008 Ponsot, Griotte-Chambertin
The nose has some herbal notes to begin with; building and building in the glass to offer aromas that show a very impressive depth of cushioned red fruit – very fine indeed (some might say). Round, with very fine acidity, the tannins have just a little grip but are pretty-much overwhelmed by the fresh fruit flavours. Sleek lines for a Griotte but super, flavour.
Rebuy – Yes

two red 2009 ramonets

ramonet-2009-rouge2009 Ramonet, Bourgogne Pinot Noir
A plastic ‘Nomacork’. This has a fresh but forward nose of dark red cherries. The flavour is also quite forward and shows a sour cherry impression – certainly not sweet but refreshingly moreish. This has a very decent intensity and I absolutely love it.
Rebuy – Yes

2009 Ramonet, Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Clos de la Boudriotte
Cork, quite a long cork. Aromas of herbs and pure red fruits, eventually with a warm edge; there’s also the typical 09 top notes that are close alcoholic. Rather silky though the intensity grows quickly delivering a little texture in the finish – this is beautifully detailed but rather boisterous, delivering a whack of mid-palate flavour that couldn’t really be described as elegant, despite the lovely texture – but today I don’t need elegant, excellent will do and this fits the bill.
Rebuy – Yes

alain burguet 2009 gevrey mes favourites


2009 Alain Burguet, Gevrey-Chambertin Mes Favourites Vieilles Vignes
There’s spice on the nose, over soil – eventually a core of fruit, dark fruit, builds from the glass, accented with coconut. In the mouth this is pretty wide, there’s a decent amount of tannin too, but in form that offers cushioning rather than abrasion. There’s plenty of extraction in this. The finish is fine enough. I find it a chewy mouthful rather than a wine to contemplate – but there is a place for that too.
Rebuy – Yes

pierre damoy 2008 clos de bèze


2008 Pierre Damoy, Chambertin Clos de Bèze
Medium, medium-plus colour. Lovely precise dark fruits on the nose, partly shaded to black, hints of minerals too before a beautiful note of violets takes centre-stage – just lovely. Cool in the mouth with initially understated impact, yet there is a wonderful complexity of fruit flavours. Just about perfect acidity finally meets tannin with a little hard grain to it. Long and very fine indeed – a clear winner!
Rebuy – Yes

wine-map of france…

Mine was just delivered – brilliant. I have not yet managed to convince domestic management that it would fit in our living-room. Still, there’s plenty of space in the office ;-)

syndicat de gevrey tasting; part 3 – the grands…

The Grand Crus

The market is the market – there were 27 grand crus on the table – in today’s money, that’s probably 5-6,000 Euros if you wanted each bottle in you cellar – silly isn’t it(?)

More: [notes moved to here...]

annual update – burgundy vintage chart – now includes 2010 view…

There are few movers, just the worst of 2008 and 2009 plus the average 2009 go down one point. 2010 is added but in brackets as the wines are not finished and delivered – those points awarded will be unchanged until this time next year.

As always – the broadest of brushes…


syndicat de gevrey tasting; part 2 – the premiers…


The Premier Crus
Tasted Friday 18th November 2011. The obvious difference when you move to these premiers (from the villages) is the extra sweetness and more intensity. I only found one of the wines a little austere – there were more in the grand crus. The average quality here is excellent though.

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syndicat de gevrey tasting; part 1 – the villages…

This was a very good showing indeed – occasional wines were a little out of sorts, some a little austere and others were stylistically marked by oak. Despite all that, I found the average presentation much better than is normally the case for big en-primeur tastings in London, despite this tasting being about 2 months earlier in the calendar; I assume the ‘mere’ fifteen mile trip from Gevrey to Beaune allowed the wines to be fresher and probably not require additional doses of sulfur.

Part 1: The Villages

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ex domaine wine sale…

Click on the image to get a (slightly) better view.

Domaine Ballorin have had some good press but I’ve no first-hand experience of the wines. It seems surprising, but the domaine seem to be having a ‘fire-sale’ – no they weren’t on fire – (at least I don’t think they were!). The only information I have is that ‘all the 2009s must go

I can’t be Morey for the sale next weekend, but maybe some of you can…
(if you can’t quite read the email address, it’s domaineballorin@orange.fr)

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