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guy roulot meursault perrières 00

roulot meursault perrièresDinner with a friend who can really cook, so some digging in the cellar was required. If I’m honest I was a little disappointed to be opening one of these, but following the relative disappointment of my 2001 Henri Boillot Corton-Charlemagnes, I decided I would rather enjoy my last Roulot young than be disappointed in later years (or even now!) with p.ox. It wasn’t quite a 10 out of 10 performance, but it wasn’t too far away:
2000 Roulot, Meursault 1er Perrières try to find this wine...
Relatively young in colour, a nose that soared with brioche and eventually creme brulee. Not the tight minerality of 3 or 4 years ago, indeed a little too relaxed in the middle but the finish was super and mirrored the nose. No real regret for opening now as it was still super.
Rebuy – Yes

half a million dollars – 12 bottles of romanée-conti


The client bought 12 bottles of Romanee Conti 1978, two bottles of the 1961, 1966, 1996 and 2003 and single bottles of the 1981, 1990, 1992, 1995, 1999, 2001 and 2002.

“It is the highest price that has ever been achieved for a single lot,” Managing Director Stephen Williams of the London- based Antique Wine Company told Reuters on Saturday.

Amazing – and that together with the internet being full by 2010, and I think I need to go to the cellar!

advertising and weekends

No, I’m not advertising my weekend – though dinner tonight, cooked by a friend who can really cook, will be accompanied by Guy Roulot’s 2000 Meursault Perrières, and Méo-Camuzet’s 1993 Corton Clos Rognet from my cellar – can’t wait!

Now, back to advertising. Burgundy-Report has remained a free resource and I have no plans to change that – yet at the same time, higher mortgage rates have cut my wine purchasing budget and my website (hosting) costs went up with a bump this month – and the latter cost is all you-lot’s fault! I have, over the last 2-3 years rejected offers of advertising on this site, but I think I may sell my soul to the devil and trial some from next month. I’ll try and keep it within the bounds of good taste, and for sure there will be no pop-ups – importantly the advertiser’s link will be next to good and bad wine reviews, and from my perspective one will never influence the other.

I will keep you updated

berthaut fixin les clos 2005

vincent denis berthaut fixin

2005 Vincent et Denis Berthaut, Fixin Les Clos try to find this wine...
Medium-plus colour. The nose is both wide and deep with higher-toned powdery elements and occasional flashes of deep cherry. Intense and mouth-watering with a decent finish – in-between is fruit with good depth and submerged tannin. For a humble ‘villages’ wine this impresses and is reasonably sophisticated.
Rebuy – Yes

truffière 2000 romanée saint-vivant

2000 La Truffière, Romanée Saint-Vivant try to find this wine...
Medium-plus colour. Width though limited depth on the nose, but the depth on show has a soft and smooth feel. In the mouth it’s clearly got an executive texture, plenty of well-textured tannin bubbling below the soft, concentrated fruit and an understated acidity that gives no hint to the vintage – neither does the fruit profile. If anything it’s just slightly fresher than the DRC of the same vintage, though without that complexity. I creamy hint lingers very long on the finish. For the vineyard it’s a decent effort and for the vintage it’s a very good result. At the price paid (about €80 three or four years ago) it’s a hit!
Rebuy – Yes

champion 1998 bourgone côte chalonaise

champion bourgogne

A strong recommendation for buying decent regoinal wines and saving them for ten years – indeed saving your credit-card bill too!
1998 Michel Champion, Bourgogne Côte du Chalonaise try to find this wine...
A medium-pale, bright ruby-red. High tones and depth, apple skin, a sweeter base and a red fruit note. Nicely plump, no hard edges despite slightly elevated acidity and the remnants of tannins that were probably quite astringent when younger. This is good with food but edgy without as it has an element of unripeness that was quite engaging. Probably showing at it’s best since release and will likely peak in another year or two.
Rebuy – Maybe

guy castagnier 1999 clos de la roche

guy castagnier clos de la roche

1999 Guy Castagnier, Clos de la Roche try to find this wine...
Medium, medium-plus colour. Aromatically fresh with good depth and an almost shiny, glossy effect from the dark fruit nose. Super acidity that really extends itself into the finish and pushes the finish longer. Still rather linear, the tannin is more of an after-thought, they still need a few more years once you’ve located them though. Mineral and muscled, a step-up from the (2) Petits Monts and a long way from entering a mature phase. Very good.
Rebuy – Yes

nicolas potel’s vosne petits monts 02 and 05

nicolas potel petits monts

2002 Nicolas Potel, Vosne-Romanée 1er Les Petits Monts try to find this wine...
The nose is wide, with faint coffee and oak notes and a chocolate effect. Not forceful nor deep, but very nice. Good soft texture and tannins with a little grain – but quantity-wise not so much. Wide and lingering subtle flavours borne on good acidity. It’s not a big wine, but it has all the components for a promising future and a tasty present.
Rebuy – Yes
2005 Nicolas Potel, Vosne-Romanée 1er Les Petits Monts try to find this wine...
Deeper colour, deeper nose. The aromas have a similar toffee/coffee complexion that cover the fruit. Denser, more tannic and with more depth too. There is little complexity here but there is a sure-footed intensity that will really deliver in the future. Slowly fading in the finish – excellent.
Rebuy – Yes

cornu 2005 ladoix

ladoix le bois roussot cornu

2005 Cornu, Ladoix 1er Le Bois Roussot try to find this wine...
Medium cherry-red colour. The nose is high-toned and wide with a red/blue shade to the fruit – very clean, not a hint diffuse. In the mouth it’s also clean and beautifully fresh, quite linear until the nicely intense mid-palate. Super balance, though as it gets more and more mature, perhaps the acidity will start to dominate – but today it’s lovely.
Rebuy – Yes

a 2005 monthelie with a too complicated name

2005 Eric de Suremain Château de Monthelie, Monthelie 1er Sur La Velle try to find this wine...
Surprisingly deep colour. While far from profound, the nose has a raw, fruity depth and interesting width. The palate is bathed in well-textured ripe tannin, some brown-sugar sweetness and shows a dark edge to the fruit. Understated acidity and an understated finish too – at least to start – the finish becomes ever-more interesting. It’s well-priced and well-tasty, but today it doesn’t make me dream of burgundy…
Rebuy – Maybe
PS – How do you know what to call it? – Is it Château de Monthelie or is it Eric de Suremain? Tsk, Tsk…

the future of wine criticism?

Hopefully it (the future) will be only about interesting journalism…

Read Here

site updates

I had to bite the bullet – I was using too much memory (actually it was you!) on the server and they cut back to ‘contract’ levels – that’s why the site was close to off-the-map since Friday evening. Today I signed up to a much more expensive hosting package and will see how that goes over the next weeks!

I also just updated the database for the NoteFinder with over 300 new notes now viewable compared to last week – I hope it’s useful.

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